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Most Recent Update


Updated Chinese page.  

Posted "Ma Xing Wo" (pre-translated) based on an askbox request from tiffany.


Next on my agenda: request from sammi and faty_vip for "Konya wa Boogie Back".

Pending Requests

In order of priority.  Italics indicate completed unposted translations.


Translation for sammi and faty_vip: 

Konya wa Boogie Back by Kenji Ozawa and Scha Dara Parr


Translation for dinNa: 

Birds by Flumpool


Translation for Jonathan: 

Akemi Ishii's album "Mona Lisa"


Translation for Kajitha: 

Fiore by Sawano Hiroyuki and Cyua


Translation for Emma: 

Moi...Lolita by Alizee


Translation for Takoyaki: 

Gatsun by Matsuuri Aya


Translation for roy roy: 

- 《战国》主题曲


Translation for Delta Moe:

Eternal Recurrence by Miyuki Hashimoto


Translation for Ryuuou07: 

Pandora 21 by Sincrea


Translation for wavega: 

Color of Love by Secret


Translation for Ron:

死了都要爱 by 信


Translation for Mii:

未完成的歌 by Jacky Xue


Translation for Reka:

Acid Soul-Kanzen Ni Chuuni Byou Jan- by Piko


Translation for Elisz:

被伤过的心还可以爱谁 by Six


Translation for Anna M:

Fragmented Memories by Tomoyo Mitani


Translation for James and Hartono:

我的好兄弟 by 高进 & 小沈阳


Translation for Changeable World:

落叶 by 白冰


Translation for Jeremy:

最浪漫的事 by 赵咏华


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